Our History

We are a firm comprised of professionals with solid experience in the various areas of business law.

We are prepared to offer multidisciplinary and customized solutions for companies in any economic sector.

Mazzucco & Mello's experience includes corporate, commercial and financial transactions, as well as litigation, mediation and arbitration in complex matters. In addition, we act strongly in tax, labor, public law and infrastructure, real estate, insolvency and all areas of law pertaining to companies and individuals.

Our professionals have experience in complex national and international transactions. As such, we can quickly meet the demands of our clients without compromising the quality of our services.

Our services are always coordinated by partners with experience in the areas of practice of each case, as well as by the managing partner of each client.

Awards and Recognitions

As a result of the commitment and dedication of our professionals, the firm and its partners have earned recognition in several legal yearbooks and has been frequently consulted and quoted in the media in several areas of practice.

Culture And Values

Agility, Care and Excellence

We offer quick answers and a personalized relationship, meeting the needs of our clients with innovative technological tools, without prejudice to personal service and care in dealing with the issues entrusted to us. The professionalism and the differentiated service standard are a characteristic of our professionals.

Proximity and Commitment

We are always close to our clients through various channels and technological platforms. The structure of our offices and the readiness of our team allow us to act very close to our clients, adapting ourselves to their demands. The 24/7 availability is one of our differentials.


Our expertise includes the various areas of law. As a full-service firm, we have excellent professionals able to work on all legal issues arising from our clients' activities.

Global Presence

Besides our headquarters in Sao Paulo, we have a branch in Beijing, China, as well as partnerships with offices in the United States and Europe. Our network of correspondents also allows us to operate throughout the Brazilian territory.


We seek to offer solutions to all legal issues that are brought to our attention. To this end, our professionals are trained to seek creative solutions to each issue. In addition, we make use of technological hardware and software tools, including artificial intelligence.


Mazzucco&Mello values and encourages diversity in the workplace. Since 2019 we have created our Diversity Policy and a Diversity Committee to assess and encourage this value.


We have also created a culture to mitigate the impacts of our professional practice with regard to environmental sensitivity, which includes supplier selection, energy efficiency, and conscious consumption.

Our Professionals

We bring together lawyers specialized in all areas of Law, oriented to work with multidisciplinary projects, focused on achieving practical, resolute and innovative solutions.

Pratice Areas

We offer a wide variety of solutions in the most diverse areas of Law, putting us at a wide advantage in our clients' preference when their operations demand a versatile, flexible, and original approach.