Mazzucco & Mello Social

We value ethics and good practices in our relationship with business partners. We also play an active role in changing our community with actions addressed to the impoverished where we can also make a difference.

Know our partnerships

Instituto Viva Melhor

The IVM is a social organization that develops several projects focused on the formation, qualification, and training of people, in services, programs, and projects located in regions of high social vulnerability in the South Zone of São Paulo city, where we serve more than 2,700 children, adolescents, and their families.


Casa do Povo

Casa do Povo is a cultural center that revisits and reinvents the notions of culture, community, and memory.

Inhabited by a dozen groups, movements, and collectives, some for decades and others more recently, Casa do Povo operates in the expanded field of culture. Its transdisciplinary, procedural, and engaged programming understands art as a critical tool within a process of social transformation. Casa do Povo has no fixed programming grid and flexible schedules, and it adapts to the needs of each project, in order to attend both neighborhood associations and non-standard artistic proposals. Its work axes (memory, collective and engaged practices, dialogue and involvement with its surroundings) are thought from the contemporary context in direct relation to its historical, Jewish, and humanist premises. In this endeavor, the public is not the target, but an active participant who, besides visiting, also proposes activities making the space a place for meeting, education and experiment: a living monument, a place where to remember is to act. Visit:


Our Office

We are a firm composed of professionals with solid experience in various areas of Law. We are prepared to offer multidisciplinary and customized solutions for companies from any economic sector. In addition, we act strongly in tax, labor, public law and infrastructure, real estate, insolvency, and all areas of law pertaining to companies and individuals.

Our Professionals

We bring together lawyers specialized in all areas of Law, oriented to work with multidisciplinary projects, focused on achieving practical, resolute and innovative solutions.

Pratice Areas

We offer a wide variety of solutions in the most diverse areas of Law, putting us at a wide advantage in our clients' preference when their operations demand a versatile, flexible, and original approach.